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"I experienced congested sinuses and my ears felt clogged and achy for a bout a week. Tiffany gave me a simple treatment of acupuncture and I was instantly able to breathe better. A few minutes later my ears also felt clearer. I've never found a pill that works as fast or lasts as long as that acupuncture treatment."
Jennifer G.  --  North Salt Lake City, UT  --  April 2012

"I have experienced chronic shoulder pain for about 8 years, it was even bad enough to have surgery for a torn labrum. After I had surgery I lost my range of motion and could not get my arm above my head and still had chronic pain in my shoulder. After 1 cupping treatment with Tiffany all of my rotation came back and most of the pain subsided to where. About a week after the first treatment I had an additional treatment and my shoulder is as good as new. I never in a million years thought my shoulder would be back to normal. I was very skeptical in the beginning, but the releif is pretty instant and long lasting. It has now been about 4 months since the treatments and my shoulder is still pain free and feeling great with all range of motion. Tiffany is AWESOME!"
Matt M.  --  Clearfield, UT  --  May 2012

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Tiffany is a state-licensed and board certified acupuncturist. She attended school for Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine (ATOM) in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She is a member of the Utah Acupuncture Association and currently serves on the Utah State Board of Acupuncture Licensing.

Tiffany started her career in the health care industry as an EMT Firefighter. She then took a break from medicine to serve as an aircraft mechanic in the United States Marine Corps. After her 5 year enlistment, she moved to Florida where she received her Bachelor’s in Health Sciences and a Master’s in Oriental Medicine.  Her experience in mechanics and physics helped deepen her understanding of the energetic, quantum-physical aspect of the body as understood by Chinese medical theory.

Tiffany is passionate about medicine and holistic health. Aside from acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, she also practices homeopathy and is certified in NAET, Functional Blood Chemistry and Functional Endocrinology.
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